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Famous German Dada Predates Historic Book Illustration Design
Famous German Dada Becomes Classic Book Illustration Design

Heartfield’s Famous German Dada Leads To Classic Book Illustrations

The anarchy of Dada was the foundation for famous German Dada artist John Heartfield’s images for Kurt Tucholsky’s irreverent picture-survey of the Weimar Republic, Deutschland, Deutschland, über alles. But these images were not the seemingly random mix of the early works of the German Dada Movement. Each Heartfield montage tells a story by carefully composing unrelated elements into a cohesive whole.

Deutschland, Deutschland, über alles became wildly successful when it was published by Neuer Deutscher Verlag in 1929.

Tucholsky’s text questioned and mocked the Weimar Republic. Heartfield’s visuals were ideal collaborations for Tuchosky’s devastating prose. They foreshadow Heartfield’s anti-fascist photomontages of the 1930s.

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