Antifa Artists Inspired By John Heartfield “The Art Of War”
Cutting-Edge Political Collage

Antifa Artists Reveal The Art Of War

Photo Illustrations by Michael Tunk, Cara Adams, Hope Kroll, Human Wreckage, Mark Jason Weston, Thomas Young, Kieran Madden, Johanna Goodman, Jilly Ballistic, Winston Smith, Frank Morison and Anthony Gerace

Twelve collage artists respond to an American state of emergency, with inspiration from master political artist John Heartfield.

The famous British art collector, historian, and graphic designer David King wrote that John Heartfield was “the greatest political artist and graphic designer of the 20th century.”

For the November issue, Topic joined forces with artist Michael Tunk (the artist behind the image to the right, entitled “Well Done”) and asked 11 other contemporary creators to submit political collages commenting on the current political climate in the United States. Though some used Heartfield’s works as direct inspiration for their own pieces, all were influenced by his flair for marrying the tragic, comic, and bracingly uncomfortable.

antifa artists respond to the donald trump american emergency

John Heartfield’s grandson, the curator of The John Heartfield Exhibition, knows his grandfather’s photomontages were not simply reactions to fascism, but warnings. They were a roadmap to how fascism rises when its opposition is weak. “My grandfather understood that one of the strongest tools of fascism was propaganda, the unchallenged ability to distribute nonsense in the media to discredit facts.”

Heartfield’s grandson built and maintains The John Heartfield Exhibition as living tribute to his grandfather’s legacy. It is also a growing online museum to display art and artists with integrity, courage, and compassion. You can help promote “art as a weapon” against fascism and senseless war by purchasing great items from the The John Heartfield Exhibition Shop or contributing even a small amount to help the exhibition continue to grow.

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<strong>It Moves Around Me</strong>

It Moves Around Me

<strong>The Butterfly Effect of Tiny Hands ...</strong>

The Butterfly Effect of Tiny Hands ...

<strong>Some Very Fine People</strong>

Some Very Fine People

<strong>War Machine</strong>

War Machine