WW2 Anti-Nazi Art


AUTHOR: John Heartfield. Photographs by John Heartfield and Wieland Herzfelde. Articles by Peter Selz, Wieland Herzfelde, Heiri Strub, Sergei Tretyakov, Friedrich Pfafflin, Richard Carline, and others.

PUBLISHED IN AMERICA: Universe Books (1977)


A chronology, bibliography, and articles highlighting John Heartfield’s WW2 Anti-Nazi art. These “Photomontages Of The Nazi Period” were used as “art as a weapon” against fascism and The Third Reich. Their forceful visual image enraged Adolf Hitler. John Heartfield proudly earned the number five slot on the Gestapo’s most wanted list.

The curator of the John Heartfield Exhibition is particularly fond of this book since he has a copy given to me and signed by my grandmother, Gertrud (Tutti) Heartfield, John Heartfield’s third wife.

Gertrud Heartfield Inscription

Above is an inscription from the curator’s adopted grandmother, Gertrud (Tutti) Heartfield. Tutti was Jonny’s wife third wife. She cared for him in his final years