Sergei Tretlakov on John Heartfield

Sergei Mikhailovich Tretlakov

“A certain type of person appears before him, say a hypocrite, or a platitude maker bearing the mask of an academic, or a person who believes that parliamentary government can stabilize the economy and who speaks as if stuffed with irreconcilability, then right away Johnny steps up fully for a fight, the freckles distinctly bulge from his face as it tarnishes blue with rage, his lips part to reveal prone teeth, and with birdsong and a stutter he lets loose a canon of blended curses.”
Sergei Tret'iakov
Sergei Tret'iakov

Sergei Mikhailovich Tretlakov (1892-1937) was a Russian playwright and writer. He was Jonny’s friend and the author of the first monograph on John Heartfield

Sentenced to death during the Stalin purges, it’s claimed that, in a final act of defiance, he committed suicide by throwing himself down the stairs of Buryrka prison.