Das? Das ist die Zeit: Sie schreit nach Satire( That? That’s the Times: They Scream for Satire )

Weimar Republic Heartfield Collage heartfield graphic design malik-verlag montage They Scream for Satire

That? That’s the Times: They Scream for Satire


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Heartfield’s graphic designs perfectly fit the words of Tucholsky’s satiric masterpiece. Deutschland, Deutschland, über alles was an instant success in Weimar Republic, Germany. Heartfield’s images got notice from the largest advertising agencies in Berlin. They offered him high-level positions. He turned them all down. He needed to be independent. He had to do the type of artwork he was born to create.

Heartfield had always wanted to be an artist. He thought he failed as a painter of landscape paintings. He burned all of them except one. On the other hand, his stunning book covers for the publishing house he owned with his brother, Wieland Herzfelde, made his reputation in Berlin. But he wanted something more than applause from critics or high-paying job offers from ad agencies. His art was “a weapon” to fight ignorance, bigotry, and injustice. Heartfield felt any injustice was a personal attack against him.