Political Art History The MOMA Catalog Cover for John Heartfield, 1993

Political Art History Articles Regarding German Dada, Anti-Fascist Art, and Photomontage

One of the curator’s favorite articles regarding political art history is Richard Carline’s Heartfield In England. Carline’s article highlights the humorous side of his grandfather nature. Heartfield’s spirited sense of humor shines through his anti-fascist photomontages skewering the figures of The Third Reich. The very serious political montage artist had a wonderful sense of humor in his private life.

More articles will be added soon. It’s unfortunate that the majority of articles about John Heartfield were written in, or before, 1993. That was the year of the a rare and enormously successful exhibition of Heartfield’s camera-ready original art in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The curator encourages the The Heartfield Archiv, Akademie Der Künste, the organization tasked with preserving John Heartfield’s art and ephemera, to share the vast collection of John Heartfield art that is stored in the archive in Germany. Perhaps a gallery or similar showcase might be established where the public could view Heartfield’s artistic legacy. The courageous photomontage artist and graphic designer wanted so desperately to reach the public that he risked his life to do so.

John Heartfield would never want his art to be kept from the public in any way. That is the entire motivation behind The Official John Heartfield Exhibition and Archive.

The Exhibition is always expanding.
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