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Powerful Art

The Complete John Heartfield Collection

John Heartfield Dada, Graphic Design, Anti-Fascist Art, & Theatre Design Galleries

A Work In Progress

The John Heartfield Galleries will soon feature comprehensive collections of his Dada, Book Cover Graphic Design, Anti-Fascist Art, Antiwar Art, Art Against The Third Reich, and Theatre Set Design.
These are challenging times. Heartfield’s 1930-1938 photo montages for the AIZ are the most clear powerful warnings of the rise of fascism. The Heartfield AIZ will feature all the AIZ magazine collages in order.
Visitors can browse the Heartfield Galleries to view the progression of his art.
• His 1916-1920 Dada Collages With George Grosz
• The Advertising Graphic Design That Revolutionized Book Covers
• His Invention Of Typography As An Integrated Artistic Element
• The Anti-Nazi Anti-Fascist Art That Made Him Number-Five On The Gestapo’s Most Wanted List
• The Antiwar Art That Challenged War Financiers
* The Influential Theater Production Designs For Playwrights Such As Brecht & Piscator

The John Heartfield Book Cover Art Gallery

Book Cover Art is the first Heartfield Gallery to be added to The Exhibition. More are coming soon.
Heartfield invented that concept that a book cover could “tell a story” from the book’s front cover to the back. Explore the Book Cover Art gallery to discover these stories.
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Powerful Art From Courageous Artist – Reveal Art

The Official John Heartfield Exhibition is expanding into the Museum Of Powerful Art.

Reveal Art features the collage art, groundbreaking art, video, & writing of powerful artists who find inspiration in John Heartfield’s relentless commitment to fight the accepted and push the boundaries of his work regardless of the risks.
All artists must be courageous. A special few are as willing to take their work to a place beyond the usual. Reveal Art is the work of the Reveal Artists who found inspiration in the powerful art of John Heartfield.