AUTHOR/EDITORS:  Peter Pachnicke and Klaus Honnef
PUBLISHED: DuMont (1994) German Edition
DESCRIPTION: (German Edition. Hardcover may have a different cover)

WW2 Art Against Nazi Propaganda By John Heartfield

German art against Nazi Propaganda and Nazi Philosophy is featured in John Heartfield. Dumont published the German edition to complement the 1993 John Heartfield MOMA Exhibition in New York.An comprehensive study of the German artist’s revolutionary graphic design, German Dada, and WW2 art against Nazi Propaganda. Wonderful insightful essays by Nancy Roth, Peter Pachnicke, Klaus Honnef, and many others.A large collection of Heartfield’s Dada, photomontages, collage art, posters, theatre sets, and groundbreaking book graphic designs. John Heartfield, Dumont highlight the his innovative and influential technique that combined ironic political slogans with stirring imagery.It wasn’t bombs or bullets, but Heartfield’s art that forced Adolf Hitler to make an artist, John Heartfield, number-five on the Gestapo’s most wanted list.