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Famous Art That Inspires Political Action Against Dictators

From John Heartfield to Bob Dylan to John Lennon to Beyoncé, artists expose villains, emboldened resistance, and forced conversations.

The German antifascist artist John Heartfield was a pacifist. He rose to number-five on the Gestapo’s Most Wanted List, working inside and in the shadow of the Third Reich. His only crime was his “art as a weapon” that used integrity and humor to reveal the fascist lies of dictators. A brief biography illustrates his fascinating journey.

The John Heartfield Exhibition tells his story and promotes modern artists influenced by the master of political collage. more…


Famous Poltical Collage To Inspire Political Action Against Dictators

Facts are facts. Those who spout ‘alternate facts’ try to convince people that something terrible for them is actually very good for them. The Heartfield Exhibition is dedicated to revealing behavior that supports the rise of fascist and authoritarian regimes.

“Words are flying out like endless rain…” John Lennon

An endless rain of words can’t seem to keep up with the latest outrage. Politicians without conscience and their supporters pivot away from ugly words and actions. But political art doesn’t pivot. A striking image remains in your mind like a great song. These lingering images are a powerful way to combat racism, xenophobia, climate change denial, and drumbeats for senseless wars.

It’s essential to understand the life and work of John Heartfield. Heartfield knew violence is never the answer. He used humor and juxtapositions to reveal the true motives of those who traffic in hatred and division. A German archive locked away John Heartfield’s art for years. But it inspires modern artists when they see his work. Many have joined the exhibition. The images in this exhibition, past and present, remain relevant from generation to generation.

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The Curator

I’m John J Heartfield, the grandson of John Heartfield. My personal collection, The John J Heartfield Collection, offers never-before-published words & images, photos, video, and more about my grandfather. I’ll constantly add more items.Interested in my career? Learn more about my work as a professor, an author, a composer, and an entrepreneur.