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Famous Art That Inspires Political Action Against Dictators

From John Heartfield to Bob Dylan to John Lennon to Beyoncé, artists have exposed villains, emboldened resistance, and forced conversations.

The German antifascist artist John Heartfield was a pacifist. He rose to number-five on the Gestapo’s Most Wanted List, working inside and in the shadow of the Third Reich. His only crime was his “art as a weapon” that used integrity and humor to reveal the fascist lies of dictators. Learn his fascinating life story.

The John Heartfield Exhibition promotes modern artists influenced by the master of political collage. more…

Famous Political Collage Inspires Voters To Oppose Dictators

Facts are facts. Those who spout ‘alternate facts’ try to convince people that something terrible for them is actually very good for them. The images in The Heartfield Exhibition inspire voters and unmask the tactics used by fascist regimes.

Fascism TodayFascism is not a form of government. It is a collection of tactics to convince voters to surrender their freedom by handing total power to a dictator. Freedom is fascism’s victim. Freedom to question. Freedom to choose. Freedom to create. Fascist victories always bring suffering.

Regarding Fascist Tactics“There is a strong family resemblance about misdeeds, and if you have all the details of a thousand at your finger ends, it is odd if you can’t unravel the thousand and first.”
Sherlock Holmes, A Study In Scarlet

“Words are flying out like endless rain…” John LennonAn endless rain of words can’t seem to keep up with the latest outrage. Every day, politicians try to pivot away from their ugly words and actions. But powerful political art never pivots. A striking image remains in your mind like a great song. These lingering images inspire voters to make choices that racism, misogyny, xenophobia, climate change denial, and drumbeats for senseless wars.

One Hand Casting A Vote Can Change EverythingIt’s essential to understand the life and work of John Heartfield. A lifelong pacifist, Heartfield knew violence is never the answer. Instead, he used humor and juxtapositions to reveal the true motives of those who traffic in hatred and division. His art continues to unmask their propaganda, influence modern artists, and inspire voters. Many high-profile artists have joined the exhibition. The images in this exhibition, past and present, remind us that fascist tactics always end in a horror show.

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A Message From John Heartfield’s Grandson

I’m John J Heartfield, John Heartfield’s paternal grandson and curator of The John Heartfield Exhibition. My personal collection, The John J Heartfield Collection, offers never-before-published words & images, photos, video, and more about my grandfather. I’ll constantly add more items.Interested in my career? Learn more about my work as a songwriter, an author, an entrepreneur, and a professor of digital media.