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Kolaj Fest New Orleans is a multi-day festival & symposium
about contemporary collage and its role in art, culture, and society.

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Kolaj Fest will return to New Orleans on July 10-14, 2019 for a coming together of collage artists and art professionals; a multi-day festival and symposium about contemporary collage and its role in art, culture, and society; where the focus is how we celebrate and elevate the status of collage. Presenters will lead panel discussions and explore key curatorial issues. Artists will exhibit artwork, and create special activities and demonstrations. We will meet, network, share community, camaraderie, and fellowship. We will leave armed with new ideas for our artmaking, writing, and curatorial projects, but more importantly, we will leave Kolaj Fest New Orleans prepared to champion this artform in the year to come.

Join Wendy Parker, G.E. Vogt, and John J Heartfield

for the

Politics of Collage

Iowa State University Art Historian Wendy Parker will lead “The Politics of Collage”. Parker’s Masters thesis focused on how John Heartfield, Martha Rosler, and others used photomontage during periods of political unrest and artistic revolution to construct a political narrative. She will be joined by John J Heartfield, the grandson of the famous Dadaist, and contemporary artist G. E. Vogt, who uses collage to address contradictory societal narratives around inequality in the United States and the toxic political climate.

G.E. Vogt Contemporary Collage

Collage Courtesy of G.E. Vogt

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