• Heartfield

Dada and Anti-Fascist Artist John Heartfield

The Official John Heartfield Exhibition and Archive is presented by the artist's grandson, John J Heartfield. The Heartfield Exhibition is a constantly expanding tribute to the artist who pioneered new forms of graphic design, political art, and theater production design. It is a forum for visitors to share their thoughts on John Heartfield's life and work.

Welcome. I'm John J Heartfield, the grandson of John Heartfield.
As you browse through the John Heartfield Exhibition, you'll discover why art scholars consider John Heartfield to be one of the most influential and innovative artists of the twentieth century.
You'll learn about an artist who risked his life to use "art as a weapon" against Adolf Hitler, The Third Reich, fascism, ignorance, and violence.
This John Heartfield Exhibition features never-before-published John Heartfield art, images, letters, postcards, video, and more from my private collection. I’ll constantly add more of The John J Heartfield Collection as the exhibition evolves.

The Hidden Genius Heartfield

The exhibition also highlights work from artists who were influenced by John Heartfield's groundbreaking art.

Heartfield Exhibition Visual Guide