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Alternate Facts Are Propaganda

One powerful image is worth all the nonsense words we heard in 2016. Trump did not elect himself. Voters were conned and de-sensitized by Fox News For-Profit Propaganda, Endless Liberal Media Coverage, and Numbing Meaningless Polling.The curator has worked to bring his grandfather’s message to the public since 2011. The election of 2016 makes it clear that everyone of conscience must expose the propaganda of the new normal.The powerful photo montages John Heartfield risked his life to make public from 1930-1938 warned of the rise of fascism. View The Face Of Fascism. The exhibition plans to display all his 240 AIZ Covers.The curator has been working to improve and expand The John Heartfield Exhibition. Your can help the exhibition grow into a major Online Museum For Powerful Art and Graphic Design. Contribute any amount to help the exhibition rip away the bandages! Buy an Art As A Weapon T-Shirt, Poster, Or Mug to honor the work of John Heartfield.

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The Curator

I’m John J Heartfield, the grandson of John Heartfield. My personal collection, The John J Heartfield Collection, offers never-before-published words & images, photos, video, and more about my grandfather. I’ll constantly add more items.Interested in my career? Learn more about my work as a professor, an author, a composer, and an entrepreneur.