Die Rationalisierung marschiert!(Rationalization Is On The March!)

robots replace humans john heartfield political collage Rationalization Is On The March!

Rationalization Is On The March!


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This mashup aesthetic – – so fundamental to the web – – both denigrates originality (“The only materials we have to create with are already created!”) and exalts creativity (“Look what I’ve managed to do with what you already thought you knew!”). Reading MySpace through this dialectic, inspired by Heartfield’s collage, started a lively discussion about the meaning and status of creativity in today’s remix culture.”

THE JOHN HEARTFIELD EXHIBITION SHOP offers exclusive items, including Posters, T-Shirts, and Mugs featuring classic John Heartfield Dada photomontages.Heartfield’s collage “Die Rationalisierung marschiert!” (Rationalization Is On The March!) is one of his most complex montages. It resembles his early Dada work. The photomontage addresses the rationalization of replacing human workers with robots. Owners have the responsibility to ensure their faithful employees can successfully make this adjustment and are not left out in the cold.