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Writing lyrics is my passion. Usually, a line comes to me, and I build a story around it. Then I write the MUSIC or, if I’m lucky, I get to collaborate with exceptional musicians.

I like reading good song lyrics as much as hearing them with music. When I lived in Berkeley, friends called me “Knows Lots of Songs” because I could rattle off the lyrics to all types of songs I heard once or twice.

If you like any LYRIC, are interested to hear the music, or want to do something with it, WRITE TO ME. I look forward to hearing from you.


John J Heartfield Songs

I’ve written more than 200 songs. I’m currently writing songs for The International Multimedia Event One Hand!, which features music, my grandfather’s art, and a variety of contributions from an international collection of brilliant artists.

I’ve happily put in at least my ten thousand hours as a songwriter. Those hours pay off when I get to work with musicians who make their instruments sing in ways I can only dream about.

I’m thrilled whenever musicians and bands perform my songs. If anyone wants to perform any of my songs live, be my guest. All I ask is that you say it’s one of John J Heartfield songs. If anyone would like to record one of my songs, write to me.

I began writing songs as soon as I picked up an instrument at age 11. For five years in the San Francisco Bay Area, I wrote songs and played guitar and piano in America’s Most Famous Unknown Band.

Horizon Computers, one of the first personal computer companies in California, hired me to write Horizon’s theme song, You Can If You Want To and perform it for the entire company.

One Hand!
A Multimedia Event

Soon I’ll post material from the One Hand! with songs, words, and graphics aiming to inspire thoughtful voting. One Hand! illuminates the cinematic life and times of my grandfather, the anti-fascist art pioneer, John Heartfield.