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Hitler Commissions Nazi Author Erwin Schockel To Write A Handbook On Psychology Of Spreading Fascist Propaganda, 1939

Adolf Hitler commissioned Erwin Schockel to write a handbook for how to distribute fascist propaganda. Published in 1939, Schockel’s book was entitled Das Politische Plakat: Eine Psychologische Betrachtung [The Political Poster: A Psychological Approach].
“No one who has once seen and spoken to this untidily and shabbily dressed Jew [referring to John Heartfield] would be surprised, however little he knows about Jewish physiognomy, that a man with a face of such abysmal ugliness could, in turn, only bring forth ugliness. This scum of humanity and prototype of Jewishness could not but be attracted to his own kind and only there could he achieve something, which in terms of the ideally served, could count as of value.”
Erwin Schockel, author and one of Adolf Hitler's most ardent admirers
Erwin Schockel, author and one of Adolf Hitler's most ardent admirers

German Anti-Nazi Activist Artist John Heartfield On The Psychology Of Spreading Anti-Fascist Propaganda, 1939

“ … we used authentic shots of war, of the demobilization, of a parade of all the crowned heads of Europe, and the like. These shots brutally demonstrated the horror of war: flame thrower attacks, piles of mutilated bodies, burning cities; war films had not yet come into “fashion,” so these pictures were bound to have a more striking impact on the masses of the proletariat than a hundred lectures.” 
Anti-Fascist Activist Artist John Heartfield
Anti-Fascist Activist Artist John Heartfield

John Heartfield & Wieland Herzfelde England, 1939. Brothers In Arms Against Fascism.

In 1939, John Heartfield finally finds a relatively safe refuge in London. Upon his arrival in England he does nothing but sleep for days.

He begins associating with the Artists’ International Association (AIA) and the Free German League of Culture (Freie Deutsche Kulturbund).

In April, Heartfield must say goodbye to his brother, Wieland Herzfelde. England refuses a Residence permit for Wieland. Herzfelde and his family board an American Merchant Line ship to travel to the United States. John Heartfield is unable to go with him.

John Heartfield’s works with the radio program Freedom Calling, the radio production Adolf Hitler hated. Read “Freedom Calling” by Andrea Hofmann.

Heartfield will interned for periods as a “enemy alien” (Category C) in English camps. He becomes severely ill.

wieland herzfelde england 4 & 20 Black Sheep, London, 1939

Wieland Herzfelde England with John Heartfield's 1939 Freedom Montage

John Heartfield's Freedom Montage, 1939

Wieland Herzfelde England & Heartfield third wife Gertrud Heartfield, 1939

John Heartfield with Gertrud Fietz. Gertrud was Heartfield's third wife. They were together until his death.

Wieland Herzfelde England & brother John Heartfield Portrait, England, 1939

John Heartfield in English cemetary, 1939

Professor John J Heartfield is John Heartfield’s paternal grandson. He gives live interactive presentations around the world that focus on his grandfather’s life and work and modern political art. Please write to him to request his presence at your event or ask any question. He is always pleased to hear from exhibition visitors.

Dada Political Artist John Heartfield grandson, John Heartfield, Curator Official John Heartfield Exhibition