John Heartfield political art antiwar masterpieces are as relevant today as when he created them “as weapons” to fight the madness of fascism in the twentieth century. Can you count on one hand the times when fascist dictators didn’t lead their countries into disastrous wars? The images below attack the seed of an insane philosophy and are a guide on how to oppose it. An insanity that without fail leads to suffering, destruction, and death for millions of innocents. The collection of antiwar masterpieces will grow as the Heartfield Exhibition becomes an Online Museum Of Powerful Art. High-quality reproductions of these images are available as posters, shirts, and mugs in The John Heartfield Exhibition Shop. Display them to show your resistance.



john heartfield political art antiwar masterpiece Nach Der Sindflut

Upton Sinclair
Nach der Sintflut

John Heartfield Political Art Masterpieces

John Heartfield’s genius was his ability to create a visual road map to the causes and so-called justifications for modern war. His collages (photo montages) for popular magazines inside Nazi Germany were a blow-by-blow description of the rise of fascism in the twentieth century. Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco were able to exploit a political insanity that inevitably led to the most devastating war of the modern era.
It’s easy to understand why Heartfield’s famous photo montage for Upton Sinclair’s “Nach der Sintflut” is also featured on this page. The United States is currently waging a war upon our planet. Denying the science of global warming is simply a tactic for ignorant or unethical politicians to continue to collect money from their financial base. The result will be droughts, famine, and human migration on a devastating scale. It may be humanity’s final war resulting from greed and ignorance.

While living in Berlin, Heartfield appeared unafraid to show his resistance to this insanity with his images exposing ignorance, political lies, financial support for war, and injustice.
His supporters had some of his most powerful antiwar masterpieces reproduced as posters. These posters were pasted on public surfaces throughout the city of Berlin. These posters were made possible by the printing process “rotogravure.” Talented artisans, guided by Heartfield’s precise instructions, etched his work into many small recesses of intaglio copper cylinders. Ink was then transferred to a moving web of paper.
The messages of Heartfield’s political art masterpieces are as relevant today as they were when they were “art as a weapon” against those who grabbed power regardless of the cost. There are still politicians who appear to turn their supporter’s gold into speeches full of junk and hatred.

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