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The Official John Heartfield Exhibition

Official John Heartfield Exhibition      John Heartfield Exhibition Curator

My grandfather was John Heartfield, the brilliant German Dada and Political Artist. During the Second World War, he rose to number five on the Gestapo's Most Wanted List for his use of his "art as a weapon" against Adolf Hitler, fascism, bigotry, ignorance, and war.

I’m the creator and curator of The Official John Heartfield Exhibition & Archive.

Throughout the Weimar Republic and the reign of Hitler’s Third Reich, my grandfather created world famous political montages that attacked the insanity of The Nazi Party. He created these works of arts while living in Berlin.

David King of the Tate Modern London wrote John Heartfield was "the greatest political artist and graphic designer of the twentieth century.

John Heartfield was a founder of modern photomontage. He was a member of Berlin Club Dada. He invented the 3-D wrap-around book dust jacket. He revolutionized typography. He was an influential theatrical production designer for playwrights such as Bertolt Brecht and Erwin Piscator.

The Official John Heartfield Exhibition & Archive is the best online source to learn about my grandfather's art and view is groundbreaking art. The Exhibition reveals his fascinating life in photos, images, words, and video. It features never-before-published material from The John J Heartfield Collection, my personal collection of John Heartfield material of art, photos, letters, postcards, videos, and more.

The Exhibition celebrates Heartfield's astonishing life and work. You can support powerful political art. Help the The John Heartfield Exhibition to grow into an online museum for progressive artists to show and distribute their work.

Support The Exhibition

You support The John Heartfield Exhibition when you buy high-quality items featuring classic Dada and Political Art. You can always request a mug, t-shirt, hoodie, or poster with your favorite image if you don't see what you want.

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I’m currently working on a new mystery novel and book of short stories.

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I’ve written more than two hundred songs in many styles. For years, I’ve been asked to make a selection of my SONGS available on the web.

I’m currently working on a new musical entitled "One Hand!" about my famous grandfather. It covers his incredible journey from young artist to world famous monteur against fascism to his final years.

eCurtain Media LLC

My company eCurtain Media LLC helps small businesses grow. eCurtain is now placing a special emphasis on arts and artists.

"Many artists suffer for their art. All artists suffer promoting their art."
John J Heartfield.

In 2015, an ever-expanding collection will be revealed behind the Electric Curtain.