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Upton Sinclair Cover by John Heartfield

Many Malik-Verlag customers bought books only to have the John Heartfield dust covers. Heartfield turned down lucative offers from some of Berlin’s largest ad agencies so as to pursue his own vision.

Kurt Tucholsky Cover by John heartfield

Tucholsky’s skewering of German society, illustrated with John Heartfield’s Dada art graphics, was an enormous success.

Upton Sinclair Cover by John heartfield

Upton Sinclair was initially reluctant to use the fiery Heartfield, but he was won over by his talent.

Kurt Tucholsky Book Cover by John Heartfield

Heartfield brilliantly played off the themes in Kurt Tucholsky’s Deutschland, Deutschland, uber alles.

An Introduction To Heartfield’s Graphic Design For Book Dust Jackets And Interiors

Dada art served John Heartfield well in his role as a graphic designer at Malik-Verlag, the publishing house where he served as the creative partner with his brother, Wieland. Heartfield employed typography as a artistic element. Some graphics had images that resembled musical notes placed on the head of a judge’s robe. These images, like a great deal of Dada art, appeared to have no rhyme or reason. Others Heartfield covers were clear statements to enhance messages in books. John Heartfield’s graphics for book dust jackets and interiors made him one of the most sought after designers in Berlin. His collaboration with Kurt Tucholsky, Deutschland, Deutschland, Über Alles, was an enormous success. He was offered high-level high-paying positions in German advertising agencies. He turned them all down, believing they would interfere with his ability to freely express himself.

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Curated By Heartfield's Grandson, John J Heartfield