“I thought the war would never end.
And perhaps it never did, either.”
German Painter George Grosz
German Painter George Grosz

Graphic Design Genius John Heartfield Invents A New Type Of Book Cover, 1921-1922

The graphic design genius John Heartfield creates multiple works of graphic design for important venues from 1921-1922

His graphic designs for the Malik-Verlag Publishing House are acclaimed as cutting edge advertising. He revolutionizes typography because he creates his own unique fonts and then integrates the letters into his collages. The result is sizes and perspective that add another layer to his graphic designs.

The Malik-Verlag covers reveal the political beliefs Heartfield holds. His covers are a guide to a group of people who care only about increasing their own wealth regardless of any cost to anyone else. These are the war profiteers. The munitions manufacturers. The workhouse owners. Heartfield is clearly not against capitalism. Malik-Verlag, under the guidance of Wieland Herzfelde is a successful publishing house. Many people buy Malik-Verlag books simply to own Heartfield covers.

Heartfield also creates brilliant collages for the Verlag für Literatur und Politic (Publisher for Literature and Politics) and the Neuer Deutscher Verlag (New German Publisher).

During this period, he continues to work as a stage set designer. He creates stage sets for Berlin’s Reinhardtbühne.

Wieland Herzfelde, Eva Grosz, George Grosz, Rudolf Schlichter, graphic design genius John Heartfield, 1922

Wieland Herzfelde, Eva and George Grosz, Rudolf Schlichter, John Heartfield, 1922

Volksbühne Theater, Berlin, 1930

Volksbühne Theater in Berlin. Photo Credit: Frankl, A., 1930

graphic design genius  John Heartfield grandson, John Heartfield, Curator Official John Heartfield Exhibition