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Hey, Why Not?

John Heartfield’s art has been described as an inspirational precursor to Internet multimedia design.

David King of the Tate Modern, London, in his brilliant new book “John Heartfield, The Devastating Power of Laughter” (Available for September Pre-Order on Amazon), proclaims my grandfather, John Heartfield, “the greatest political artist and designer of the twentieth century.”

John Heartfield’s contributions include breakthroughs in typography, layered visual projections for Bertolt Brecht’s stage productions, and so much more. Not to mention he used “art as a weapon” against fascism, ignorance, and bigotry. He was Number 5 on the Gestapo’s most wanted list.

The John Heartfield Exhibition Shop is opening this month. The Shop supports this online John Heartfield Exhibition. The Exhibition will evolve into an online museum for all manner of satiric and political art.

I’ll offer a substantial discount on t-shirts if this image (Rationalization Is On The March!) is incorporated into an official ITP T-shirt.

Hey, what could be more appropriate than an ITPer racing time? I know I felt that way. Thanks to ITP, still do, most of the time.

Great News!

The Shop is currently overhauling it’s entire clothing inventory. We adding new images and new artists to the collection. The John Heartfield Shop now features political artists and graphic designs in our REVEAL ART Collection.

We’re also reducing our prices because it’s more important than ever to distribute political art.