Political Merch That Makes A Statement. One Hand Can Cast The Vote That Shatters A Dictator’s Dreams

One Hand Matters. Political Merch That Makes A Statement!

The past two years are proof that everyone who cares about decency, justice, equality, diversity, and the very survival of our planet must vote in every election. Adolf Hitler didn’t march into Berlin behind a column of brown shirts. Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany on January 30, 1933. He became absolute ruler of Nazi Germany in March 1933. Hitler immediately made every person and institution that didn’t conform to his insane politicies an outlaw and a target. One month later, Hitler’s SS attempted to assassinate John Heartfield because he dared to challenge the Nazi Party with his political art.

Heartfield knew all too well that one hand matters. One hand can join with many to cast votes that destroy the dreams of a dictator. Votes can defeat politicians who have surrendered their morals and ethics to the whims of their financial donors. Politicians who are unashamed to prove that their personal lust for power is more important than the health and welfare of people whom they are sworn to protect.

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