Wer keine Wahl hat, hat die Qual(Who Has No Choice Has Agony)

john heartfield political collage Who Has No Choice Has Agony

Who Has No Choice Has Agony


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There were authors such as Upton Sinclair who initially hesitated to have Heartfield design their covers. Sinclair felt that Heartfield’s politics were too radical. Heartfield’s images were so pointed they would not appeal to the book buyer. In fact, the truth was the opposite. In many cases, people in Berlin bought Malik-Verlag books just to own Heartfield’s graphic art on the book covers. They had little interest in actually reading the books.
Following his success with an initially reluctant Upton Sinclair, Heartfield continued to explore his innovative three-dimensional book covers and groundbreaking typography.
Look closely. There’s much more than initially meets the eye in this seemingly simple montage of a desperate man without choices.