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John Heartfield Political Art Shop Reviews

The John Heartfield Exhibition Shop was opened to help support The Official John Heartfield Exhibition. Here’s a sample of emails to the shop from Heartfield Shop Customers. Every customer email has been positive since The Heartfield Shop opened in 2015. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Please Write To The Shop with any suggestions or reviews.

Three T-Shirts and Four Posters
“I’m one happy customer of the Heartfield Shop! I bought t-shirts and posters. They all looked fantastic! Super quality. But, somehow during packing, or shipping, the corner of one of the poster got bent. I contacted the shop and got a new one within a week – no charge! So… extremely fast delivery, spot-on description of items, and very cool connectability with the helpful shop staff!”
Jukka L. (Finland, 9/19/18)

Angry Artist T-Shirt: Angry? Vote!
“Prof. Heartfield: I just nabbed the shirt–thank you so much for making it available!–I am so taken with the image & have been for years, and have always wanted a gelatin print from the original negative, but I understand if this is not possible. Do you know who took the photo? I think a framed and matted high-quality print would just electrify a room.
Can’t wait to wear the shirt everywhere and tell folks who it is.”
John U. (United Kingdom, 8/14/18)

Political Art Poster Rationalization Is On The March! 24 x 36 in (60.96 x 91.44 cm)
“The images are perfect – many thanks! Good luck with the continuing work on the Heartfield exhibition! It is very much appreciated.”
Elza A. (United Kingdom, 3/19/18)

Political Art Poster Rationalization Is On The March! 24 x 36 in (60.96 x 91.44 cm)
Looking for a poster by John Heartfield, I came across the John Heartfield Exhibition Shop and was very happy that such a shop existed at all. I bought the poster “The rationalization marches”. It was delivered very quickly and reliably and is of very good quality (solid, matte paper). Thank you, John! I’ll definitely come back soon. (Katja’s English is perfect. She was kind enough to write to me in German as well: Auf der Suche nach einem Poster von John Heartfield bin ich auf den John Heartfield Exhibition Shop gestoßen und habe mich sehr darüber gefreut, dass ein solcher Shop überhaupt existiert. Ich habe das Poster “Die Rationalisierung marschiert” gekauft. Es wurde sehr schnell und zuverlässig geliefert und ist von sehr guter Qualität (festes, mattes Papier). Vielen Dank, John! Ich werde bestimmt bald wieder vorbeischauen.)
Katja C. (Germany, 2/17/18)

Political Art Poster Never Again! 12 x 18 in (30.48 x 45.72 cm)
“Thank you so much for the postcards – what a lovely surprise! I was thrilled with my posters – the quality was excellent. I will be ordering more. And such service and communication, I can’t recommend this site enough. Many thanks.”
Jayne W (United Kingdom, Dec. 24, 2017)

Political Art Poster Never Again! (24 x 36 in • 60.96 x 91.44 cm)
“As you may remember I purchased a complete set of your grandfather’s works Photomontages of the Nazi Period when I was playing at a festival in East Berlin in 1979. The ‘Never Again’ poster that I purchased from you last year went missing somewhere in a flat move 3 decades or so ago, and I thought it was lost forever. So to have a replacement, even although it’s much bigger than the original, is wonderful. I am picking it up from the framer at the weekend and it will be on the wall for Christmas, one of the most powerful anti-war messages I have ever seen.”
Follow Up Email From Fergus:
“The poster is framed and has pride of place in my study!”
Fergus M (United Kingdom, 11/21/17)

Political Art Unisex T-Shirt Use Art As A Weapon
“Thanks again for this, John. He really appreciated his Christmas gift and wore the T-shirt all day!”
Trista D (United States, 12/30/15)

Political Art Mug Featuring Hurrah, There’s No Butter Left! & John Heartfield In Paris
“Hey John,

The mug is in Zurich and the coffee is fine.
For your grandfather.
Markus H (Switzerland, May 22, 2015)

Political Art Poster Five Fingers Has The Hand (5 Finger hat die Hand, 24 x 36 in (60.96 x 91.44 cm)
“The poster arrived at the other day, thanks very much! One of my friends in the UK has also purchased this poster. We’re both very happy. Your grandfather did some amazing things. I really appreciate you keeping this work alive – we need a reminder like his in times like this.
Best Wishes,”
Milan M (United Kingdom, July 24, 2016)

Special Request Political Art Poster Tretyakov & Heartfield, 24 x 36 in (60.96 x 91.44 cm)
“Many thanks for going to that trouble. I look forward to seeing it.
Best wishes,
Follow Up Email From Chris:
“Hi John,
Thanks very much for the work you do. I’ve in fact acquired further books and articles about John Heartfield, and am exploring his work in much greater detail. The poster was terrific, though at that scale the pixilation is quite visible when viewed up close.
Best wishes for the holiday season to you and yours.
Chris N (Australia, August 8, 2016)
Heartfield Shop Note: Chris made a special poster request for a blow-up of an old photo of my grandfather into a poster. Viewed up close, there had to be some visible pixalization when this small photo was enlarged to poster size. Fortunately, Chris was happy with the poster. However, if you have any issue with Heartfield Shop Items, it’s easy to get a refund or replacement.

The Official John Heartfield Exhibition is a Political Art Website that displays Art As A Weapon against bigotry, ignorance, and senseless war.

The Exhibition is financed by his grandson. He needs your help to continue to promote art to inspire political action. If you’re not ready to purchase an item from the shop, please think about donating any amount to help the exhibition expand. Write To The Curator to contribute your talent (of any kind) to The John Heartfield Exhibition.

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