Heartfield Costume Design for Arno Holz

german theatre costumes heartfield costume for Sozialaristokraten arno holz Deutsches Theater-Kammerspiele Berlin Germany stage sets 1955

Heartfield Stage Set Design for Arno Holz, 1955


Curator’s Comment:

German Theatre Costumes

John Heartfield’s precise attention to detail is visible in this sketch he drew for the costume design of “Fiebig” in Arno Holz’s satirical play, Sozialaristokraten.
Heartfield’s precision is evident in all his work. For his montages, he included detailed notes to the rotogravure masters so reproductions would exactly match his vision. Often he would work all night and deliver the work to be reproduced. After viewing the result, he would insist they make some small change that he considered essential.
The curator believes the ability to view Heartfield’s notes contribute greatly to the appreciation of the final work in the same way early sketches for paintings reveal the artist’s mind.