Heartfield Stage Set Design for AUTHOR

heartfield set design Sozialaristokraten arno holz Berlin Germany stage sets 1955

Heartfield Stage Set Design for Arno Holz, 1955


Curator’s Comment:

Heartfield Set Design

John Heartfield’s precise attention to detail is clear in this sketch for the set “Fiebig’s Study” that he drew for Arno Holz’s satirical play, Sozialaristokraten.
His attention to detail is clear in all of Heartfield’s work. It was common for him to include detailed notes to ensure the end result would be true to his specifications.
By comparing John Heartfield’s originals (especially his maquettes for his photo montages) to the posters created from them, a viewer can fully appreciate that Heartfield was not simply “cutting and pasting” images. He was creating masterworks with the same artistry and attention to detail shown by the finest painters and sculptors.