Heartfield Stage Set Design for Gerhart Hauptmann

Hauptmann German Theatre stage set design Die Weber Grosses Heartfield Grosses Schauspeilhaus Berlin Germany 1921

Heartfield Stage Set Design for Gerhart Hauptmann, Berlin, 1921


Gerhart Hauptmann German Theatre Production Of Die Weber.

From 1916 to around 1939, John Heartfield created what can only be described as the most powerful political art of the twentieth century. It is astonishing that during that period, he also was also a vital influential creative force in German theatre.

Heartfield was thirty when he created this set design Spring Landscape for Gerhart Hauptmann’s Die Weber.

The stage design aimed to create a mood that seamlessly fulfilled the playwright’s intention. His backdrops, mechanics, scenery, props, and costumes were meant to blend with the actors and their movements on stage as integrated theatrical elements.

Though John Heartfield is most famous for his montages, it is undeniable that Heartfield loved working in the German theatre. He approached that work with all the passion he brought to his photomontages.