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John Heartfield Is My Grandfather



Writing novels lets me mingle with fascinating people and take part in dangerous situations all from the comfort of my imagination.

My Devils Make Me Write

When I was a child, my mother would say (with emphasis), “It’s a beautiful day. Put that book down and go outside.” She wasn’t aware I was already outside because all kinds of books transported me. However, there was no doubt mystery and adventure novels were my favorites. I’d find a great writer and try to read everything they wrote. Absorbing their books gave me the undeniable desire to write my own mystery and adventure novels.

Backing Up My Imagination

My storylines are detailed and well-researched. One reviewer described my novel Controlling Time as a cross between a Philip K. Dick novel and a Jason Bourne Adventure. I’m not going to argue with that. Judge for yourself.

Sample the first four chapters of Controlling Time.


I often write using my middle initial “John J Heartfield” to avoid confusion with my famous grandfather.

My short stories are different. I usually imagine a certain situation and craft the story around it. Following the advice of a great writing teacher, I try to ensure each of my story has an arc where at least one character is changed by the events of the story. I’ll add new short stories all the time.

More About My Fiction.


Music & Lyrics by John Heartfield

You May Not Know My Songs

I prefer to be humble, but it’s a fact friends and music industry executives tell me I’m a great songwriter. Like any artist, from time to time I have doubts about my various endeavors with one exception. I have complete confidence in my ability as a songwriter.

Hearing Them Beats Playing Them

While I enjoy playing them, there’s nothing like hearing other people perform them. Combine a memorable song with a great performance, and in the words of Irvin Berlin, “I’m in heaven and my heart beats so that I can hardly speak.” Though I’m only a competent instrumentalist, I’ve been so fortunate with partner with some truly brilliant musicians. You can hear them play with me on a growing collection of my songs.

The International Musical Event One Hand!

Because I’m always looking for ways to increase the reputation and renown of my grandfather, I began writing songs for a multimedia event that showcases the cinematic events of his life. One Hand! is almost complete. It’s attracted some world-class musical talent. Listen To Selections From The Upcoming Event One Hand!

The John Heartfield Exhibition

My grandfather’s life and work and the work of political artists around the world is so important to you and I. Here’s why.

famous antifascist art antiwar artist john heartfield portrait

My grandfather, John Heartfield, pioneered anti-fascist art. In an early partnership with his friend, George Grosz, the rebel artists one morning created a new way to express their disgust with senseless war and propaganda. This genre became world famous as “photomontage.”

Spitting In The Face Of Fascism

When Germany, a vibrant democracy spiraled into the grip of fascism, John Heartfield, a lifelong pacifist, used his “art as a weapon” in searing visual critiques of fascist philosophy and Nazi propaganda. These widely distributed images on popular magazine covers and posters pasted on city walls made Heartfield, a Berlin resident, a target. Supporters of Hitler beat him and threw him from a streetcar. But he refused to back down.

famous antiwar poster john heartfield Never Again Niemals Weider
famous antifascist poster john heartfield Crisis Party

After a narrow escape from the SS, my grandfather continued his campaign against Nazis and fascism in Prague. In Czechoslovakia, he became Number Five on The Gestapo’s Most Wanted List for the crime of being an artist who was devoted to the truth as he opposed those who sought power through bigotry, ignorance, and senseless war.

famous antifascist poster john heartfield Executioner Justice
john heartfield famous antifascist poster Blind Deaf Media

Political Art Was Only Part Of His Legacy

John Heartfield George Grosz Berlin Club Dada
Famous Dada Artist John Heartfield
  • Active Member of Berlin Club Dada. The influence of the Club Dada art rebels resonates throughout modern culture.
  • A Designer of Stage Sets & Costumes For Theater Giants Bertolt Brecht & Erwin Piscator
  • A Groundbreaking Graphic Designer and Typography Innovator

The John Heartfield Influence

The Official John Heartfield Exhibition, named for my grandfather, has grown into a permanent online exhibition that features the art of world-renowned modern artists who called him their greatest influence.

View The John J Heartfield Collection

The exhibition includes a growing collection of my grandfather’s personal images, letters, postcards, and videos.

Art & Artists With Integrity & Courage

A major goal of the exhibition is to inspire voters to cast informed ballots. A horror show always results when nations are taken in by fascism’s perverted reality.