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Writing Heartfield stories is difficult.
Not as difficult as describing Heartfield stories.
John J Heartfield

John J Heartfield Stories

If I live long enough, scientists may transfer my brain into a cyborg. Then I’ll have enough time to tell all my stories. My readers enjoy adventure, surprises, laughter, and even a revelation or two. Bookmark this page and come back often. I’ll be adding new stories all the time.


Stories can be adventures we want to experience without the risk that makes them exciting. I’ve absorbed mystery, science fiction, and action-adventure novels all my life. My novels allow me to live other lives.

Controlling Time  (A Novel)

Controlling Time took shape when I imagined an unusual character involved in a particularly violent scene. That scene didn’t make it through the twenty-four edits of the manuscript. But I lived with that character, along with his friends and enemies, for seven years. Sample the first four chapters of Controlling Time

Not Funny  (A Novel)

I’m working on Not Funny, a new novel. Not Funny is a fictionalized account of events from 1960 to 1963. What’s the true story behind the October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, a game of chicken that that almost destroyed humanity? Not Funny takes place in venues as diverse as Greenwich Village night clubs, Kennedy’s Oval Office, and Nikita Krushshev’s War Room. The story builds to a explosive climax. Chapters from Not Funny will be available here soon.

Short Stories

My favorite writing professor told me every great short story must have an arc. At least one character must undergo a meaningful transformation.

My Name Isn’t David  (A Short Story)
A man finally finds his perfect woman only to discover the true nature of perfection.

The Cat Psychic  (A Short Story)
Does Watson take care of Dorothy? Or vice versa? Only a real cat psychic can uncover a cat’s secrets.

Husband Wife Knife  (A Short Story)
A loving husband and wife talk about money and a nasty switchblade.

Did you enjoy my Heartfield stories? Come back soon for more.


I have many responsibilities as the director of eCurtain Media LLC. The eCurtain Media Website helps small businesses make more money and save Internet expenses. I wrote Make Your Small Business Website Work, Easy Answers To Content, Navigation, and Design to help small business owners to get more profit from an investment on a website. As a consultant, I show business owners how to avoid unnecessary cost while increasing their profit margin.

Another responsibility as eCurtain’s director is growing and maintaining The Official John Heartfield Exhibition. The John Heartfield Exhibition, named for my grandfather, the famous antifascist anti-Nazi artist, graphic designer, and Dadaist, has become an online museum to promote artists with integrity and courage.

I’m always working to complete movie and media projects to further my grandfather’s much-deserved recognition and renown. I’m the show runner for One Hand! – An International Multimedia Event. I’ve also written the book, the score, and a majority of the songs.

There is strong language, sex, and violence in my novels. My father and grandfather taught me, in life, pacifism is the only true “ism.” John Heartfield Stories lets me indulge my imagination to have adventures I would not want to experience in real life.

My Mind Field

I’ve got opinions about politics, entertainment, culture, and in general, what’s happening around the world. Hopefully, you also have opinions. You’re welcome to respond to mine.