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Not Funny. The end of the world is all a dream.

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Not Funny, my latest novel, is a historically accurate, completely fictionalized account of events from 1960 to 1963. What’s the actual story behind the October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis? As each character sees the world as if they are experiencing a very real dream, the reader gets a fascinating glimpse into rooms where the fate of humanity is being decided on a moment-to-moment basis. As chapters move through characters’ perspectives, dreams of fame and peace race towards an explosive climax. Come back soon for chapters from Not Funny.

Not Funny: Background

Teachers told us to “duck and cover” when I was in school. Though some questioned the sense of it, we practiced it every day. The government assured everyone if children got under their desks and covered their heads, somehow incoming Russian atomic warheads wouldn’t turn those heads to dust. New York’s Greenwich Village was ground zero for a new generation of musicians and comedians tuned to absurdity of it all. The White House became Camelot as a dynamic young president, who along with his family won the hearts and minds of a generation of Americans. It seemed like a dream.

Not Funny: Plot

A young comedienne was in the center of the storm. Everyone likes her and almost no one really knows her. One night she receives an anonymous note that reads, “You will perform for me or I will make sure you’re not funny.” She turns to a disgraced Manhattan homicide detective for help. While uncover the mystery, they encounter personalities as diverse as Bob Newhart and Bob Dylan. Each character has a complex personality and when they tell the story from their perspective, it seems like a dream.

Not Funny: Get Ready

Using exact historical events, I tell the actual story leading to a game of chicken that might easily have ended in an extinction event. The story transports the reader from Greenwich Village Night Clubs to Kennedy’s Oval Office to Nikita Krushchev’s War Room. With humor, action, and insight, Not Funny tells the story of characters, real and imagined, living on the edge of oblivion. Chapters from Not Funny will be available here soon.