John J Heartfield Novel
Controlling Time
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John Heartfield Book Controlling Time Reviews Summary

Treeves is a secret operative with a deeply buried identity. It is possible to stamp detailed personal histories and high-level credentials onto him at will. Treeves plays any role a situation requires. Afterwards, the identity had assumed simply vanishes. His is physical appearance during a mission is often disguised in some manner. However, that’s almost unnecessary. People with unacceptable intentions who interact with Edgar Treeves either wind up dead or unable to recognize him in the unlikely event they ever encounter him again.


“This is a great book! I stayed up all night reading. I couldn’t wait to see how it would all come together.”
Chris Scott
“This is a fantastic read. Can’t recommend it enough. I loved it!”
Jim Heshedaul

“The hand-to-hand combat scenes are exciting and realistic. The last one is amazing!”
Marty Brounstein

“Many decades ago I was in a band with John Heartfield. John send me a copy of his book “Controlling Time.” My wife Linda is a voracious reader. Since we’ve retired, she’s been reading “the classics.” So I bought her a copy of The Brothers Karamazov.” She began to look at John’s book. To make a long story short, she stopped reading Karamazov. She said “Controlling Time” was unbelievably fantastic. She said, “Did your friend really write this?” I said, “Yeah. He’s really talented.” She loved the way he blended different time periods and characters in a futuristic mystery. Anyway, I thought I should mention my friend’s book to those of you who like to read. His name, again, is John Heartfield. The book is called “Controlling Time.”. It’s on and other places.”
George Tarken
“Easily one of the most exciting and original stories I’ve read in a very long time.”
M.T. Sky