SBA = Small Business Advice
TFS = Tools For Success
eCurtain Media LLC


The mission of eCurtain Media is to provide SBA (small business advice) to give small business owners the best chance of success on the Internet. eCurtain Media clients increase their profits while lowering their small business website costs.

Make an appointment with John Heartfield for a free 30-minute consultation. You’ll get valuable easy-to-understand advice. There’s no obligation and no sales pitch.

John has helped businesses for over 20 years. He provides SBA (small business advice) and small business website tips in English, not technology babble.

Small business owners often pay too much for web services and get too little for their money. Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for your business to appear on Google and major search engines. Big “Website Factories” and “Search Engine Companies” charge big fees and rarely deliver on their promises.

eCurtain Media specializes in working with small business owners to get the most profit from the least investment. eCurtain Media only builds websites for a select group of clients. We tailored each one for the client’s needs and budget.

Find out more about creating all your digital marketing tools – from designing business cards to choosing a great website name to finding an excellent website hosting company.

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