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John Heartfield small business ideas for small business success
John J Heartfield Entrepreneur Author Curator Songwriter


Heartfield eCurtain small business ideas and help

Develops Your Small Business Ideas

Provides Advice And Direction

Makes Your Small Business Work


eCurtain Media is "Small Business Possible"

I’m John J Heartfield. eCurtain Media LLC is my business. I started my first Internet business in Soho, New York in 1995 one week after I received my Master’s Degree in Interactive Telecommunications (Digital Media and Internet Technology) from New York University.

I literally wrote the book on timeless best practices for presenting and marketing small businesses on the Internet.

Heartfield on how to make the best business website

Don't Go It Alone

There’s no way a small business owner can do it all or know it all. It’s only one of the lessons I learned the hard way over the years.

In one hour, I could help the "John Heartfield" who started his first business in Soho back in 1995 save tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of wasted hours. Making smart decisions and correct choices is key to the success of any small businesses.


Make The Best Connections

Choose your business relationships carefully.

Nothing will help you succeed as quickly as great advice, service, and support. Nothing will sink you as quickly as the opposite.


Successful businesses often begin with the question: “Why can’t I find something that would do that for me?”