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“My montages were intended as weapons 
in this time of war in peace by us against the 
Nazi regime, and conversely, they were indicative 
of the war that the Nazis had already inaugurated 
during the so-called peace.” 
John Heartfield in a letter to Wieland Herzfelde, May 5, 1945
John Heartfield in a letter to Wieland Herzfelde, May 5, 1945

World War Two Art As Weapons Against Fascism, War, Ignorance & Bigotry. Gustav Regler, John Heartfield, Tristan Tzara, Oskar Kokoschka, Paris, 1935

World War Two anti-Nazi artist John Heartfield is a fugitive from a Nazi death sentence. After a narrow escape in Prague, the anti-fascist activist whose art is a weapon against The Third Reich finds refuge in Paris from March to August, 1935. He meets with Gustav Regler, Tristan Tzara, Oskar Kokoschka, and Walter Benjamin. Photos of his gaunt face clearly reflect the toll it takes on him to be constantly on the run from Hitler’s Gestapo.

Heartfield’s exhibition 150 photomontages politiques et satiriques d’actualité (150 Current Political and Satirical Photomontages) takes place from April to May in the Maison de la Culture, Paris,.

While a fugitive from The Third Reich, John Heartfield designs book jackets for Willi Münzenberg’s Editions du Carrefour, including Das braune Netz (The Brown Net).


1935 Paris Exposition

Montages In The Maison de la Culture
Heartfield displays "150 photomontages politiques et satiriques d'actualité" from April to May, Paris, 1935.

Second Wife

John And Barbara Heartfield
John Heartfield with his second wife, Barbara

Small Comforts

Relaxing In A Paris Cafe, 1935
L-R: Oskar Kokoschka and John Heartfield. Jonny is seen enjoying a pipe, one of his favorite indulgences.

Dada Group

L-R: Gustav Regler, John Heartfield, Tristan Tzara in Paris, 1935
Gustav Regler (publicist and associate of Willi Münzenberg), Tristan Tzara (Romanian Writer and Dadaist) at "150 photomontages politiques et satiriques d'actualité," Paris, 1935.
war two art 1935 Heartfield Exhibition

1935 Heartfield Paris Exhibition entitled '150 photomontages politiques et satiriques d'actualité'

war two marriage artist Heartfield to wife Barbara

(L-R) John Heartfield and his second wife, Barbara

war two artists John Heartfield with Oskar Kokoschka, Paris, 1935

(L-R) Oskar Kokoschka and John Heartfield in Paris, 1935

war two artists Gustav Regler, John Heartfield, Tristan Tzara, Paris, 1935

(L-R) Gustav Regler, John Heartfield, and Tristan Tzara in Paris, 1935

Professor John J Heartfield is John Heartfield’s paternal grandson. Professor Heartfield presented Art & Politics, Politics & Art at the DADA WORLD FAIR in San Francisco. Please write to him about his live presentation regarding the relevance of his grandfather’s life and work to current events.

Dada Political Artist John Heartfield grandson, John Heartfield, Curator Official John Heartfield Exhibition