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Heartfield Official Internet Archive. The 2011 Start Of The John Heartfield Exhibition, An Online Museum For Powerful Art

By 2011, John Heartfield’s grandson, John J Heartfield, has taught more than twenty-five university courses in Media Programming and Design. He has served as a professor for years at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. He has a rewarding career as an Internet user interface designer, programmer, and writer. He prefers to help small businesses succeed, rather than work for large corporations.

From 1993 to 2011, he has less success attempting to modify the strict policies of the Heartfield Archiv, Akademie Der Künste, regarding access to his grandfather’s art. Professor Heartfield is certain such policies have harmed the recognition and renown of the artist art scholars tell him is one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century. Heartfield knows his grandfather is one of the bravest artist of all times.

Google search engine result are a reliable method of finding out the most reliable answers to any question. The artist who invented photomontage does appear in Google results when the search term “photomontage” is entered. John Heartfield also does not appear when When the such terms as “dada” or “dada artist” or “german dada art” or “political art” (the list goes on and on) are entered in Google.

This lack of recognition for Heartfield is not because Google has ignored Heartfield. It is because those in charge of Heartfield’s artistic legacy at the Akademie Der Künste have treated his art as treasured relics of a past best forgotten. The Akademie Der Künste treats Heartfield’s art as their possession, not powerful relevant messages that warn of out-of-control nationalism. The type of nationalism that will elect an “America First” president in 2016.

Even in the vibrant New York art community, a vast majority of individuals have never seen John Heartfield’s work. When John shows people his grandfather’s work on his mobile phone, they’re amazed. So often he hears, “It’s incredible. Why don’t more people know about him?”

In 2011, John J Heartfield cannot let his grandfather or his work fade from memory. His wife, Michelle, agrees. Using only their financial resources and devoting untold hours of his time, John Heartfeld’s grandson builds the first iteration of a website to honor his grandfather: The John Heartfield, Dada Photomonteur: Official Internet Archive. It is a labor of love that quickly becomes an obsession.

Heartfield’s grandson understands the importance of a vast amount of material he can share with the world. John father and Heartfield’s son, Tom, never threw away anything that had to do in any way with his beloved father. When Tom passes away in 1991, he leaves a huge collection of never-before-seen photos, videos, letters, postcards, and much more. This material becomes The John J Heartfield Collection. Some of it is already available on the exhibition. More is coming very soon.

The first iteration of the online John Heartfield Archive will become The Official John Heartfield Exhibition & Archive. In 2017, the John Heartfield Exhibition change once again. It will become The John Heartfield Museum Of Powerful Art. Brilliant contemporary artists influenced by John Heartfield’s work will be featured in the Reveal Art section of the museum.

America’s presidential election clearly shows how relevant John Heartfield’s warnings of out-of-control nationalism and fascism are as relevant and powerful today as when he fount the rise of Adolf Hitler with his “art as a weapon.”

John Heartfeld’s political art must be shared with the entire world.

Professor John J Heartfield is John Heartfield’s paternal grandson. Professor Heartfield presented Art & Politics, Politics & Art at the DADA WORLD FAIR in San Francisco. Please write to him about his live presentation regarding the relevance of his grandfather’s life and work to current events.

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