Heartfield Life Political Dada Video

John Heartfield, Gertrud Heartfield,
John J Heartfield, Catherine Heartfield

CONTENT: Never-before-published video of German Dada and anti-fascist photomontage founder John Heartfield and his family on a temporary visa from East Germany (circa 1956). He plays with his grandchildren, John J Heartfield (young boy in cap) and Catherine Heartfield (girl with red hair). Heartfield, the famous creator of dada and anti-fascist montages, displays his love of animals and nature. The Dada and famous photomontage artist became an avid photographer later in life. The curator’s father, Tom Heartfield, took this video.

The John J Heartfield Collection: Video

Rare video of John Heartfield with his family later in life. John Heartfield Exhibition political, life, and Dada video is currently offered on the John Heartfield YouTube Channel.

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