John Heartfield Political Dada Video

CONTENT: I was inspired by my grandfather’s art to write the song “Born Yesterday” and use it as the soundtrack for this video montage. I believe in a capitalist economy and our democratic system. However, I don’t believe in greed as the heart and engine of that economy. Wealth should exist not only to grow more wealth. Wealth must create opportunity for a decent life for those without. John Heartfield’s son and my father, Tom, believed that. Somehow, in the last few decades, we’ve lost that in America.

“Born Yesterday” is performed by FounD (John J Heartfield and Marty Brounstein). If the visitor is interested, other songs written by John J Heartfield can be heard at

Political Dada Video

CONTENT: The 1959 documentary Künstler des Volkes features John Heartfield, German Dada artist, photomontage pioneer, groundbreaking graphic designer, and influential theatre production designer.

Heartfield’s 240 photomontages for Germany’s AIZ magazine covers from 1930-1938 were a cinematic indictment of the rise of the Third Reich. Heartfield’s use of “art as a weapon” while living in Adolf Hitler’s Berlin made him number-five on the Gestapo’s most wanted list.

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