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John Heartfield small business ideas for small business success
John J Heartfield Author Curator Songwriter Entrepreneur


My new mystery adventure novel, Controlling Time, is now available in paperback and Kindle. Controlling Time has been described as a cross between Philip K. Dick novel and a Jason Bourne adventure. It features fascinating original characters and a story filled with violence, mystery, and romance.

I’m currently working on a new mystery novel and book of short stories.

As a nonfiction author, I designed and wrote Make Your Small Business Website Work, Easy Answers To Content, Navigation, and Design for Rockport Publishers. As an interface designer, I created the Nikon USA website, as well as many other small and large business websites. Make Your Small Business Website Work focuses on timeless best practices for Internet information presentation and marketing. It has a five-star rating from reviewers on Amazon.


My grandfather is John Heartfield, the brilliant anti-fascist German Dada Artist. The John Heartfield, Photomonteur: Official Internet Archive is an introduction to Heartfield’s astonishing life and work. It offers a selection of his art, his biography, a chronology, articles, videos, and much more, including my memories of my grandfather.

Currently, I’m working on the John Heartfield Exhibition, an significant expansion of the Official John Heartfield Archive.

My grandfather, considered by art historians to be among the most-influential artists of the twentieth century, was a pioneer of the art of photomontage. Throughout the Weimar Republic and the reign of Hitler’s Third Reich, my grandfather, while living in Berlin and then running for his life, created world famous political montages attacking the insanity of the Nazis and war.


For years, I’ve been asked to make recordings of the vast collection of my original SONGS available on the web. Recently, I formed FounD with the brilliant guitarist Marty Brounstein. We’re recording versions of some new songs and old favorites.


This year, eCurtain Media LLC is focusing on art and artists. An ever-expanding collection will be revealed when the electric curtain opens.