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Artist John Heartfield With Grandchildren

Liguria, Italy, Late 1950's

Left to Right:

Myself, John Heartfield
My Grandfather, John Heartfield
My Sister, Catherine Jacobson

My grandfather, John Heartfield, is consistently considered by art historians to be among the most influential artists of the twentieth century.

While living in Berlin in 1930-32, Heartfield devoted his art, risked his life, and sacrificed his health to ceaselessly mock and vilify Hitler, The Third Reich, fascism, and everything the Nazis represented.

He was also a artistic giant in the German Dada art community of the first half of the twentieth century, creating theatre sets for Bertolt Brecht and Erwin Piscator, as well as book jackets for such authors as Sinclair Lewis.

For years, I’ve dreamed of building an Internet Archive to honor my grandfather, the German Dada Pioneer John Heartfield.

It’s my hope that the John Heartfield, Dada Photomonteur Official Internet Archive, along with the new John Heartfield Internet Exhibition (coming soon) will grow into a vibrant community dedicated to increasing the recognition of renown of this courageous ground-breaking artist.

In addition to an ever-growing catalog of his art, I'll share personal photos of the artist, his family, and his contemporaries. I'll include personal writings and media statements and reviews. I'll also share my own memories of Johnny, as he was known by family and friends.

Please be patient as I add to each of its sections. For the moment, you can:

Examine THE MOMA CATALOG of his 1993 MOMA Exhibition in New York. I've added personal notes and photos.

READ MY BIOGRAPHY of John Heartfield.
(I’ve added some photos and notes to this piece which was originally published in the Encyclopedia of German-American Relations.)

Soon you’ll be able to share your thoughts about John Heartfield. You may want to help me identify the hundreds of pieces of personal memorabilia saved by Tom, my late father.

Tom, in a literal sense, was Theo to Johnny’s Vincent.