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Personal Photos of  German Dada Artist John Heartfield

My Personal Collection of Photographs
Of John Heartfield His Family,
Friends, and Colleagues

Political Photos on John Heartfield Archive
John Heartfield Archive Photos of Family
Archive Photos of Friends and Colleagues of John Heartfield
Archive Photos of John Heartfield Animals
Archive Photos of John Heartfield in Nature

In the sections above, I’ll share
never-before-seen photographs of
John Heartfield, his family,
his friends, and his colleagues.

I’ll add photos to this section frequently.

To find out when new images are available
and provide comments and suggestions,
please check the

• Monteur Twitter Account
• Heartfield Facebook Page
• Heartfield Blog

Join the Archive Mailing List to get occasional
notices about additions and improvements.

If you have any Heartfield photos
that you believe are unknown,
let me know and I'll add them to this

Well-known images from the life of John Heartfield

Many of these previously published images
can be found within

Books Noted In The WORDS Section

Grandson’s Note: I wrote the captions
for these images, attempting to make them
as historically accurate as possible.
Please write to me to correct any possible
errors or discrepancies.