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Chronology of John Heartfield's Life and Work


German Dada Artist John Heartfield Life and Work

“A photograph can, by the addition
of an unimportant spot of color, become
a photomontage, a work of art...”
Dada Engineer John Heartfield

This chronology is a basic introduction to my grandfather’s life and work.
The new John Heartfield Exhibition (coming soon) will contain
much more media and information regarding this great artist.
Please check the Archive Networking Sites
(Facebook, Twitter, Blog) for updates.
John J Heartfield

1993 -> The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York stages a major Heartfield Exhibition.

1968 -> John Heartfield dies in East Berlin after a severe illness.

1966-1967-> John Heartfield Exhibitions throughout Europe.

1964-1965-> The name “John Heartfield” is legalized.

1962 -> In 1962, Wieland Herzfelde publishes a comprehensive Heartfield monograph.

1960-1961 -> John Heartfield is awarded the title of professor and given honors.

1958-1959 -> Participates in exhibitions in the East Germany and Switzerland.

1957 -> The first comprehensive John Heartfield Exhibition in East Germany.

1956 -> East German discrimination against Heartfield is halfheartedly revoked following Stalin's regime.

1953-1954 -> Stefan Heym and Bertolt Brecht call for Heartfield’s recognition.

1952 -> Heartfield marries Gertrud Fietz. Gertrud was always "Tutti" to family and friends.

1951 -> Heartfield is suspected of “treason” by the East German Government.

1950 -> Returns to Leipzig with Gertrud Fietz [Heartfield] on August 31, 1950.

1949 -> Brecht intercedes for Heartfield's return to East Germany as Johnny has limited options.

1947-1948 -> Living in London, Heartfield is offered a professorship, Humboldt University, East Berlin.

1946 -> Heartfield Exhibition in Amsterdam “[Signs of Storm] Warnings of War and Fascism.”

1945 -> Konrad Farner publishes John Heartfield, Photomontages in Contemporary History, Zürich, 1945.

1942 -> A display of Heartfield’s work is organized by the German League of Free Culture.

1941 -> A League of Culture Exhibition of Heartfield’s Book Jackets and Montages on his 50th Birthday.

1940 -> Heartfield is interned as a enemy alien in England.

1939 -> Becomes involved in Free German League of Culture and the Artists’s International Association.

1938 -> Flees to England before the imminent occupation of Czechoslovakia by Fascist Germany.

1936-1937 -> John Heartfield exhibits work in the international photo exhibition in Prague.

1935 -> Lives in Paris, often with his son, Tom, from March to August.

1934 -> Takes part in an international caricature exhibition at the Prague art society.

1933 -> As fascism takes over Germany, Heartfield must flee for his life to Czechoslovakia.

1931-1932 -> Travels to the USSR from April 1931 - January 1932.

1930 -> Living in Berlin, Heartfield creates stunning anti-fascist photomontages for covers of the AIZ.

1929 -> The International Werkbund exhibition FILM UND FOTO, Stuttgart, 1929.

1923-1928 -> Meets and befriends iconic German Playwright Bertolt Brecht.

1921-1922 -> Designs book jackets, typography, and layouts for the Malik-Verlag Publishing House.

1920 -> Heartfield and George Grosz write an article entitled Der Kunslump

1919 -> Dismissed from UFA after calling for a strike.

1918 -> Becomes a founding member of Berlin Club Dada. His son, Tom George is born on May 13th.

1917 -> Founds the publishing house Malik-Verlag. His brother, Wieland, soon becomes a partner.

1916 -> Changes his name to "John Heartfield" as a protest against anti-British sentiment in Germany.

1915 -> A young painter, Helmut Herzfeld (John Heartfield), burns his oil paintings.

1914 -> In September, is conscripted into military service (the Kaiser-Franz-Josef Regiment).

1913 -> Moves to Berlin and studies at the Kunst-und Handwerkerschule under Ernst Neumann.

1912 -> Works as a commercial artist for the Druckerei Gebrüder Bauer, a printing company.

1908 -> Studies in Königliche-Bayerische Kunstgewerbeschule [Royal Bavarian Arts and Crafts School].

1905 -> Starts an apprenticeship in a bookstore in Wiesbaden.

1899 -> Helmut, his brother, and his sisters are abandoned in the woods.

1891 -> Helmut Herzfeld [John Heartfield] is born.

    More Events Are Coming Soon.