John Heartfield Posters

Adolf Der Übermensch: Schluckt Gold und redet Blech

(Adolf The Superman: Swallows Gold And Spits Tin)

(Adolf Hitler The Superman: Swallows Gold And Spouts Junk)

heartfield montage adolf hitler the superman

Adolf The Superman: Swallows Gold and spits Tin

The John Heartfield Exhibition Shop offers a very high-quality reproduction of this searing portrait exposing Adolf Hitler. This image was typical of the type of art that made John Heartfield number five on the Gestapo’s Most Wanted List. Proudly display this collage reflecting the effect of financial backing on the nonsense spouted by today’s politicians.

John Heartfield poster Adolf The Superman for sale in the Heartfield Exhibition Shop
16 x 20 in • 40.64 x 50.84 cm Poster: Adolf The Superman ($ 35.95)

Curated By Heartfield's Grandson, John J Heartfield