Süße Ink( Sweet Ink )

Weimar Republic Graphic Design john heartfield political collage Kurt Tucholsky Sweet Ink

Sweet Ink


At first glance, it might appear the montage and its caption might be interpreted as somewhat sexist. A woman is inserted into an ink to produce “sweet ink.” However, the opposite is true. Heartfield is commenting on the use of sexuality to distract from more important political and societal issues. Consider the amount of coverage of Donald Trump’s boast of grabbing women’s private parts. The reports that he spied on undressed beauty contestants. That he forced his attentions on unwilling female business associates.
All of that seemed to make Trump less than an ideal choice for president of the United States. However, those news reports also seemed to help fade away his comments on race and his associations with white nationalist hate groups. They seemed to minimize the general opinion that he was inexperienced in government and unqualified to hold the most powerful political position in the world.
There’s no doubt Donal Trump’s words and his actions towards women were deplorable. However, Trump won the popular vote of white women in America. Those women were more focused on the issues he seemed to champion, such as being the most powerful force against terrorism. The were willing to overlook the media’s “sweet ink” regarding his misogynist behavior.

Curated By Heartfield's Grandson, John J Heartfield