John Heartfield Poster Art: AIZ Magazine Covers

Illustration zu Grimm - Märchen von der Katze und der Maus(Illustration for Grimm - Fairy Tale of the Cat and the Mouse)

heartfield montage 1938 grimm cat and mouse

Illustration for Grimm - Fairy Tale of the Cat and the Mouse

A cat and mouse decided to live as friends. Together, they procured a jar of lard and hit it behind a house.

One day, the hungry cat said, "Dear little mouse, you must watch the house alone. I have been invited to a baptism."

The cat snuck away to the jar and licked off the top layer.

When the cat returned, the mouse said, "What's the child's name?"

"Top Layer Off," said the cat.

That was strange, but the mouse said nothing. Soon, the cat went to another baptism. This time the larder was licked half empty.

Again, the mouse said, "What's the child's name?"

"Half Gone," said the said the cat.

It wasn't long before the mouse was told the cat was to be a godparent. The jar was licked clean. The mouse again asked the child's name.

"All Gone," said the cat.

"What a terrible name!" said the mouse. "It makes me anxious and afraid."

The cat said, "Sign a document that I can make you 'All Gone' or I'll gobble you up!"

Whoever doesn't believe this story will pay dearly.

Curated By Heartfield's Grandson, John J Heartfield