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Political Art Museum featuring 1932 Heartfield Poster

The Face Of Fascism

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John Heartfield Brochures

John Heartfield designed covers for brochures and announcements (Dada) as early as 1916.

During World War II, all sides used leaflets and brochures as propaganda tools. If one accepts the definition that propaganda is using lies to convince someone or some group of people that something very bad for them is actually very good for them, then Heartfield did not believe in practicing the art of propaganda.

Heartfield showed that facts could be revealed by taking reality and rearranging its elements to reveal the true nature of bad actors. A major goal of a progressive art museum would be to use images to take the words of hypocritical politicians and turn them against them.

John Heartfield’s anti-Nazi anti fascist montages for covers of brochures were often more effective than the rhetorical propaganda contained within.

In 1943, Heartfield framed Hitler as a brutal ape complete with a dumb expression that made it clear that while the fuehrer fantasize about dreams of glorious world conquest, the world still turned.

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Curated By Heartfield's Grandson, John J Heartfield