The Official John Heartfield Exhibition & Archive is the most complete and comprehensive collection of John Heartfield Dada, Political Art, Theatre Design on the Internet. In addition, it includes rare material from the John J Heartfield Collection. More images from the Heartfield’s artistic legacy are constantly added to the Exhibition.

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1. John Heartfield and George Grosz Dada, 1916-1920
      George Grosz and John Heartfield were influential members of Berlin Club Dada.

2. Adolf The Superman, Swallows Gold and Spits Junk (or Spits Tin), 1932       (Adolf Der Übermensch: Schluckt Gold und redet Blech)
      John Heartfield was living in Nazi Germany’s Berlin when this image was widely distributed.

3. Millions Stand Behind Me!, A Small Man Asks For Big Gifts, 1932
      (Millionen stehen hinter mir! Kleiner Mann bittet um grosse Gaben)

      Heartfield’s visual expose of the meaning of the Nazi salute.

4. And Yet It Moves, 1943

      (Und sie bewegt sich doch!)
      Heartfield uses laughter to further bring down the powerful Adolf Hitler.

5.  Fascist Monuments of Glory, 1936
      (Faschistische Ruhmesmale)

      Heartfield attacked fascism in every nation and every form.

6. A New Man – Master Of A New World, 1934

      (Ein neuer Mensch – Herr einer neuen Welt)
      Heartfield was a lifelong supporter of the world’s ninety-nine percent.

7. John Heartfield costume design sketch for German Theatre, 1955

      Heartfield’s stage projections, stage designs, and theater costumes were groundbreaking elements in German theater.

      His work heavily influenced playwrights such as Bertolt Brecht.

Curated By Heartfield's Grandson, John J Heartfield