The John Heartfield Dada Art, Anti-Fascist Political Art, and Theater Design Galleries

A Work In Progress

Galleries of John Heartfield Dada, Anti-Fascist Political Art, and German Theater Production Design are being added to the exhibition. New art will constantly be added until this exhibition becomes the most comprehensive collection of John Heartfield’s artistic legacy on the Internet.

Soon the exhibition will expand into an Online Museum For Progressive Political Art.

Visitors can browse these galleries in order to view the progression of John Heartfield’s Dada art, his groundbreaking graphic designs, his revolutionary typography, his courageous photomontages against fascism and ignorance, and his influential work in the German theatre with Bertolt Brecht.

These galleries will continue to grow until the greatest possible selection of John Heartfield’s art is available.

The curator has started with John Heartfield’s groundbreaking BOOK COVER GRAPHIC DESIGN.

These Heartfield book jackets featured a stunning new type of typography for the medium as well as the concept that a book dust jacket could “tell a story” from the book’s front cover to the back.

Curated By Heartfield's Grandson, John J Heartfield