Gespräch im Berliner Zoo(Conversation In The Berlin Zoo)

john heartfield political collage Conversation In The Berlin Zoo

Conversation In The Berlin Zoo


Monkey: “Herr Streicher (a known Nazi) writes that the Jews are animals and so on – Will they soon be locked up in the Zoo?”

The Wise Marabou: “Phoo! They are to be placed on church spires. That’s much cleverer.”

Monkey: “Explain, why?”

The Wise Marabou: “The Jews are the best lightening conductors.”

John Heartfield’s political art brilliantly illustrated how those seeking political power by any means find it useful to use the most vulnerable groups as lightening rods to excite their supporters.

It seems as true in 2015 as it was in 1934.

Curated By Heartfield's Grandson, John J Heartfield