“No, our dear Jonny was prompted by only 
one thing - a bruised heart 
that reacted very strongly to any kind 
of adverse, unjust, ominous, or 
under deserved utterance affecting 
our common society. 
That tortured, crushed heart of his,
and that alone, showed him the way.”
Oscar Maria Graf
Oscar Maria Graf

From 1891-1913, Helmut Herzfeld (John Heartfield) experiences many types of loss.

His parents abandon him, his brother, and his two sisters in the woods. He is then separated from his siblings and relocated into a foster home. Though a baptized Protestant, he is forced to participate in a Catholic mass.

Yet, he perseveres and even flourishes, displaying the unyielding courage he will demonstrate later in life as an artist and a man.

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1891: Helmut Herzfeld Is Born
1899: Abandoned In The Woods
1905: Apprentice In Wiesbaden
1908: Early Art Education
1912: Work As A Commercial Artist
1913: Studies Art In Berlin

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