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“Gott Stafe England! (May God Punish England!)”  
Shouted in the streets of Berlin in 1916
Shouted in the streets of Berlin in 1916

Herzfeld Became Heartfield In 1916. A Change Predicting A Lifetime Of Artistic Rebellion.

Helmut Herzfeld became Heartfield, a radical name change to usher in a life of political protest. Helmut Herzfeld, as a protest against the rampant anti-British and nationalistic sentiment in Berlin, decides to let the world know who he is and changes his name to a sort of English translation – John Heartfield. Of course, this English version of his name is the one by which he is remembered.

The change is a symbolic political statement, not a legal action.

It is not until 1964 that Helmut Herzfeld legally becomes John Heartfield.

John Heartfield’s grandson, Professor John J Heartfield, offers an Art & Politics, Politics & Art presentation to audiences in all types of venues. He was a featured presenter at 2016 DADA WORLD FAIR (The Collage Museum, San Francisco). Please write to him for more information.

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