“It is better to be high-spirited 
even though one makes more mistakes, 

than to be narrow-minded and 
all too prudent.” 
Vincent Van Gogh
Vincent Van Gogh

Shortly after his return from his visit to the Heartfield Archiv (Heartfield Archive) in Berlin, an attorney for John J Heartfield and his sister, Catherine Jacobson, challenges the assertion that the Akademie der Künste controls the copyrights to John Heartfield's work.

In a letter dated May 1, 1993, the Akademie der Künste finally admits that copyright approval for John Heartfield's work should have always been the right and responsibility of the Heartfield Community of Heirs. 

This concession comes to late for two major books (one in German, one in English) that are released in conjunction with a world tour of John Heartfield's original art. The tour concludes with a critically acclaimed exhibition that filled almost the entire second floor of the Museum Of Modern Art in New York. Incredibly, John J Heartfield was informed by a MOMA official that the exhibition might have been cancelled due to demands made by the Akademie Der Künste regarding the display of the art.

Beginning in 1993, John J Heartfield employs every means possible to persuade the Akademie Der Künste to increase his grandfather's recognition and renown. One suggestion was a temporary loan of Heartfield's art to museums such as the Getty Museum, The Holocaust Museum, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Many such museums and institutions have expressed interest in displaying John Heartfield's art.

The Akademie Der Künste categorically refuses to display Heartfield's art. Their reason is that the originals in the Heartfield Archive can only be properly perserved by the archive. Also, they claim that Heartfield's real art is reproductions of his originals, not the maquettes.

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