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“There are a lot of things 
that got me into working with photos. 
The main thing is that I saw 
both what was being said and not being said 
with photos in the newspapers …
 I found out how you can 
fool people with photos, really fool them …
 You can lie and tell the truth 
by putting the wrong title or wrong captions 
under them, and that’s roughly 
what was being done …” 
German Dada & Political Artist Activist John Heartfield
German Dada & Political Artist Activist John Heartfield

Royal Bavarian Arts & Crafts, Munich Heartfield Studies Art, 1908

In 1908, Helmut Herzfeld (John Heartfield) studies at Königliche-Bayerische Kunstgewerbeschule (Royal Bavarian Arts & Crafts School), Munich.

His early influences are commercial designers Albert Weisgerber and Ludwig Hohlwein.

He begins to understand the nature of photographic propaganda. How the character of a person in a photograph can be manipulated simply by catching them in a certain expression or adding a caption.

John Heartfield’s grandson, Professor John J Heartfield, offers an Art & Politics, Politics & Art presentation to audiences in all types of venues. He was a featured presenter at 2016 DADA WORLD FAIR (The Collage Museum, San Francisco). Please write to him for more information.

Royal Bavarian Arts Crafts Early Education Heartfield Herzfeld